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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

US FDA citations to Ranbaxy are an excellent opportunity

I am sure the deficiencies of the Ranbaxy plants will be remedied. However, the US FDA citations should be considered a positive wake up call and an opportunity for Ranbaxy and rest of the Indian pharmaceutical companies. Only way they should rest easy is exceed any and every global standard. They have to take that extra step, walk the extra mile to establish and exceed the toughest standards. In fact, they could use the opportunity to establish a higher standard that could become a showpiece of the industry.

It is not going to be costly and/or a monumental effort to get to a higher plateau. It just takes resolve to get their. Economically it is not expensive and the return on investment will be significantly better at the higher standard. Customer will be pleased when their quality demand is exceeded. They will always come back even at a higher price.

While Ranbaxy is setting up to meet and/or exceed FDA standards, they and the other Indian pharmaceutical companies should consider producing single specification active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) and formulated product for every market rather than multiple specification API and products for different markets. It will simplify their manufacturing, reduce costs and would take away every bit of laxity, as they will have only one standard to follow.

Ranbaxy and other Indian pharmaceutical companies have to keep in mind that since 2005 they are catering to a much larger customer base. Their job would be simplified and will be cost effective if they catered every market with one formulated product rather than multiple formulated products using multiple specifications API.

If the formulation processes were converted from a batch process to a continuous process, which would be definitely feasible when using single spec API and excipients, many of the problems could be self corrected, as product uniformity would be there. Costs would be lower than a corresponding batch process.

These steps will simplify their total business process, inventory management, manufacturing methods and processes giving them higher profitability. Savings due to these steps would give the Indian companies an unprecedented competitive advantage.