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Saturday, March 15, 2008

“Quality by Analysis” cannot compete against “Quality by Design”

FDA Orders Heparin Shipments to be tested at the U. S. Border is the only choice but it is a manifestation of material failure of “quality by analysis” methods.

The explanation of “contaminant being a heparin-like molecule” begs me to ask questions. This is not a comforting explanation but seems like an attempt to placate the audience. Complete details showing the scientific details need to be in print.

Pharmaceutical industry has to implement “Quality by Design” NOW. Had the production of Heparin been done using “QBD” methods, we would not have seen the current global dilemma.

I have said repeatedly that “QBD” is based on “complete understanding” of the manufacturing process, which is the “P” of the PAT. Unless we understand the “process,” we cannot produce quality.

Based on my experiences, complete understanding the processing steps allows one to repeat the mistakes and that is where we need to be rather than playing “Monday morning quarterback.”

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